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Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 17

GTA: Grand Theft Auto, A Personal Perspective

The GTA series is a long runner, hitting the streets first back in 1997.  I’ve played on the PC versions of the series, and the game has evolved a lot over the years. Many will have had no chance to play the earlier installments, but even from the start the game had the all …

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Apr 12

Battlefield: Who Is Your Commander, And What Does He Do?

Are you hyped to have Commander Mode back in BF4? Do you even know what Commander Mode is?   The Commander is a completely separate role from that of the soldiers in Battlefield 4.  You become Commander either by selecting the Commander button when joining a server, or switching to Commander from the team menu …

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Apr 10

Hardline Competition ESL has set up test rules for competitive Hardline play.  As is usual for competition play, there are restrictions placed on what weapons and equipment can be used. Xfire is also running test competitions, and has similar but not identical rules.  The differences do matter if you want to play and practice for …

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Apr 07

Hardline: Going For The Gold

Well, we are finishing our third week of playing Battlefield Hardline.  Many players have all of the basic weapons and gadgets unlocked.  We can play the game for fun, not just to reach achievements.  But the Syndicate assignments are much harder, and can’t be done simply by earning money (XP).  There are a lot of …

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