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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Jul 16

Battlefield 1: Weapons Performance In The Closed Alpha

One great thing about the Battlefield 1 closed alpha is the amount of time we have had to test out the weapons and vehicles. This has given DICE a lot of feedback on how they work and how well they are balanced. Even so, I am going to get into the performance of these weapons …

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Jul 01

Battlefield 1: Vehicles Of The Great War

Vehicles Of Battlefield 1 What we have so far: Light Vehicles: Armored Cars: Rolls Royce Armored Car — a widely use light armored vehicle in WW1. One Vickers machine gun in a turret mount, could do 45 mph (72 km/h), which wasn’t all that slow. Motorcycles: Motorcycle (with Sidecar for passenger). ┬áLikely a Harley-Davidson or …

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