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Oct 11

Battlefield 1 Preorder Or Not To Preorder

BF1 is coming very soon as of this writing (October 11, 2016). It releases on October 21 for general release, but there are two ways to play it earlier. First, you can get the Deluxe or Ultimate editions, and play on October 18. Or you can get EA or Origin Access (XBOX1 and PC only, sorry), and start playing October 13 for a limited trial.

I have preordered the game three times now. Not three copies, just placed the order for the game three times. First, I tried a discount code to see if it applied to a preorder for the base game. It did not, but I left my preorder in place because I knew I was going to get it. Then, when the Premium and Ultimate packages were revealed, I cancelled my Deluxe Edition order and upgraded it to Ultimate. Last, signed on for Origin Access, and used the 10% discount on the preorder for the Ultimate Edition. This required cancelling my previous order, but the discount more than paid for the cost of Origin Access. At least, as long as I cancel it soon.

Should I cancel Origin Access? I own many of the games in the Vault already, and am unlikely to have time or interest to play many of the others. But the cost, $60 per year, isn’t bad for the whole game collection, and you get the premium/ultimate versions of the games included. In my case, I think that I won’t have time for the other games for quite a while with BF1 to play. I can always renew it whenever I want, and $5 isn’t bad to try out and play a bunch of games for a month.

To preorder or not to preorder, that is the question. For me and BF1, the answer is preorder. I loved the alpha and beta, love Battlefield in general, and don’t want to wait to get my hands on the full game. I figure that if you are going to play the game in the first month, the 60-plus hours of play is well worth any potential savings from waiting for a sale. A Black Friday sale is by no means guaranteed, though it is common in the gaming industry. You may have to wait for Christmas to get the game cheaper.

Other games aren’t a sure day one buy for me. I can wait a few months for those, and for a sale. Only you know if BF1, or any game, is something you absolutely must have right away. Despite the issues with BF4, I have hundreds of hours of great play in the game. I also get to be a battle-scarred veteran of the early, bug-infested day one release as a preorder player. Despite the flaws and problems, the experience of being part of a game working its way back to greatness was memorable and exciting. I feel DICE and EA have redeemed themselves with more recent games, and have no doubt that BF1 is going to work and play well.

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