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Battlefield Newbie Corner

Battlefield 4 has been out for about a year and half.  Are there still newbie players out there?

Based on the ranks I’ve seen in games lately, I’d say yes.  Some might be those who lost their account due to misbehavior and are trying again, but many are totally legitimate players who are trying out BF4 for the first time.

There are a lot of resources on the net to help new players in Battlefield.  There is no such thing as too much information, and I hope that my advice can help new players get used to the game faster and play better.   I don’t plan to reinvent the wheel — I’ll link to sites and videos which offer helpful information — but there are some things I’ve never seen covered.  And questions I hear often from other players, I figure that a place where I can put together the answers is a good idea too.

A list of articles so far:

Battlefield 4 Means Teamwork

I’m A Newbie At Battlefield

 Battlefield 4 Begins:  Things To Know For Your Very First Game

 Secret Weapons Of The Campaign:  Early Alternatives To The Starting Weapons

 Unlocks And Weapon Attachments

 Tips To Rank Up And Unlock Fast In Battlefield 4

Tips To Complete Assignments In Battlefield 4

 Who’s Your Commander, And What Does He Do?


Things I plan to put together soon:

So far, that is it for my plans for the Newbie Corner.  I can do some similar material for Battlefield Hardline, but much of that does overlap the basics for any Battlefield game.


There is a lot of stuff to learn about the game, and I keep discovering things as I play even after 18 months.  Expertise is something that requires practice, but hints can always help.

Do people want to see more new player information?  Or have specific ideas of questions and advice they could use?  Please let me know.

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