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Category Archive: Battlefield Newbie

Apr 12

Battlefield: Who Is Your Commander, And What Does He Do?

Are you hyped to have Commander Mode back in BF4? Do you even know what Commander Mode is?   The Commander is a completely separate role from that of the soldiers in Battlefield 4.  You become Commander either by selecting the Commander button when joining a server, or switching to Commander from the team menu …

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Mar 18

Your Battlefield 4 Assignments, If You Choose To Accept Them

Or how to get 100% completion in Battlefield 4.   One of the challenges players give themselves is 100% completion of all unlocks and achievements in a game. Battlefield 4 has some assignments which offer weapons and equipment of use in the game, but most awards, assignments, and achievements give only cosmetic items, or fill …

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Mar 18

First Day Of Battlefield Hardline: Quick Response And Advice

Hardline is here for all of us now, and it is a solid game.  It has run well for me, and a day one NVidia driver update works fine and fixes issues for many people.  There are some reports of problems, but most people are playing a game which is running just fine. The Beta …

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Mar 12

Tips To Rank Up Fast In Battlefield 4

Metallicat here, and first I’m just going to say that there is no big secret to unlocking items for kits, vehicles, and weapons in Battlefield 4.  There are other games where your choice of actions can boost your rewards considerably, but for the most part, you can’t control those in Battlefield. The Basics Of Advancement …

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Feb 23

Unlocks And Weapon Attachments

Unlocking Attachments And Ranking Up Weapons Weapon attachments are unlocked only by kills and battlepacks. Each 10 kills will unlock a new attachment, until you’ve unlocked all the standard attachments for the weapon.  After that, you’ll unlock Weapon Battlepacks every 50 kills, until you get all of those.  Weapon Battlepacks will contain all of the …

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Feb 20

Secret Weapons Of The Campaign: Early Alternatives To The Starting Weapons

When you start your multiplayer career in Battlefield 4, you only have one choice of primary weapon for each kit, and a single secondary weapon.  These are perfectly good weapons to use, both when starting out and later, but there are secret weapons available to new players. OK, maybe not totally secret.  The single player …

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Feb 18

Battlefield 4 Begins: Things To Know For Your Very First Game

Everyone is a newbie at Battlefield the first time they play. Even if you’ve played other shooters, there are important differences to learn. Battlefield at its heart is a team game. Much of your goals in the game, and the points you score, come from doing things for your team, and for your team mates. …

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Feb 15

I’m A Newbie At Battlefield

Everyone says that the first time the play, and sometimes for a long time afterwards. Even if you have played other first person shooters (FPS), Battlefield has differences from other games out there.  So if you are, just sing along with this “I’m A Newbie, At Battlefield-oody”.   OK, it isn’t about Battlefield, but it …

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Jan 30

Battlefield 4 Means Teamwork

What is so special about Battlefield? There are many modern warfare shooter games out there, but the Battlefield series has a strong following. The original BF 1942 is still played, as are the rest of the older games in the series. All shooters offer a thrilling adrenaline rush from engaging in-your-face fast paced combat. But …

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