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Category Archive: Battlefield Hardline

Jul 08

Battlefield: Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Play And RIP Battlefield Hardline PC

  Battlefield Hardline on PC Isn’t dead yet, but there are not a lot of players or servers active in it.  Part of this seems to be other competing game choices, including the many improvements made to Battlefield 4, which is quite healthy on PC.  The 1st DLC is out for Premium players, but that …

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May 21

Battlefield News – May 2015

My life has been hectic, and as  result I haven’t played any of the Battlefield games nearly as often as I would like.  As a second result, it has been hard for me to keep up with all the new stuff going on in the Battlefield universe. DICE, Visceral, and EA have not been standing …

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Apr 10

Hardline Competition ESL has set up test rules for competitive Hardline play.  As is usual for competition play, there are restrictions placed on what weapons and equipment can be used. Xfire is also running test competitions, and has similar but not identical rules.  The differences do matter if you want to play and practice for …

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Apr 07

Hardline: Going For The Gold

Well, we are finishing our third week of playing Battlefield Hardline.  Many players have all of the basic weapons and gadgets unlocked.  We can play the game for fun, not just to reach achievements.  But the Syndicate assignments are much harder, and can’t be done simply by earning money (XP).  There are a lot of …

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Mar 31

Hardline Additions: New Game Mode Ideas And Improvements

Hardline shipped with an adequate number of game modes to play and enjoy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want or deserve more.  The variety of choices helps keep the game interesting, and offers new challenges for players. The majority of my proposals are adaptations of existing game modes from other Battlefield games.  There is …

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Mar 30

Two Weeks Of Hardline: How Are We Doing?

We just finished up a Battlefest Double XP weekend, and that gave many players a chance to rank up and purchase unlocks for the game.  This gives us a fair measure of just how long it will take to unlock the key items in the game, and also how well the game will play when …

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Mar 23

Hardline: A Battlefield Without A War

After our first weekend of Hardline, how is everyone enjoying the game? We had a bit more time to play the game, and my quick big revelation is that none of the Hardline game modes, not even the classic conquest, really are games about war.  There is a lot of shooting and fighting, but the …

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Mar 20

Battlefield News For The Start Of Spring 2015

Star Wars Battlefront – 2015 We get a first real look at Star Wars Battlefront next month.  This is an extremely anticipated game, especially for all of us fans of the original Star Wars Battlefront series.  For those not familiar with it, it was a 64 player take over the map’s control points (flags) …

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Mar 18

First Day Of Battlefield Hardline: Quick Response And Advice

Hardline is here for all of us now, and it is a solid game.  It has run well for me, and a day one NVidia driver update works fine and fixes issues for many people.  There are some reports of problems, but most people are playing a game which is running just fine. The Beta …

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Mar 16

A Farewell To Battlefield 4: All Hail Battlefield Hardline   Hardline is here for some of us, and very soon for the rest of us on March 17, 2015.  The forums are filled with posts crying that Battlefield 4 is coming to an end, now that the new Battlefield game is here.  But is this a case of a sequel replacing its predecessor, …

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