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Category Archive: General Gaming

Sep 17

Gaming News: September 2016

There is a time to game, and a time to write about gaming.  I love doing both, but don’t always have the time.   The new content for GTA V Online keeps us busy.  The need for in-game money to get the new toys makes doing daily play, for the daily activity bonuses, very useful. …

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May 22

Battlefield 1: The Reboot Of Battlefield 1942?

Battlefield 1: The Reboot Of Battlefield 1942? Have you seen the Battlefield 1 trailer? Most likely, it has loads of views and likes. I love the White Stripes music, it not only fits so well, it was best rock song of 2004 (came out in 2003). You know, when Battlefield 1942 was born? It has …

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Apr 29

Want To Be A Shipping Magnate? TransOcean Shipping Company Lets You Try I missed seeing this game when it came out, or I would have gotten it sooner, It is a simple cargo ship company tycoon game, very much like the classic 1986 Ports Of Call, with lovely 3D graphics and overall a nicer art style. For those interested, Ports Of Call XXL is in development …

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Mar 20

Humble Jumbo Bundle 6, And Other Quick News   This big bundle includes a bunch of Shadowrun RPG games, the nice SF RTS Grey Goo (by the people who did the Star Wars Empire At War RTS), and an interesting take on a game type which I enjoyed in the 80’s: Trans-Ocean: The Shipping Company   This is a transport company game, …

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Jan 23

Dinosaur Island Life In ARK: Survival Evolved

What is ARK: Survival Evolved like? Dinosaurs On A Spaceship. Ok, not exactly, but there are elements which remind us of this classic Doctor Who episode. There is a mysterious location, dinosaurs, and possibly aliens, and strange technology. The single biggest element, both early on and later, are the creatures. ARK Survival takes place on …

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Jan 07

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities I’ve been rather focused on Star Wars Battlefront for the last couple months, but it isn’t the only thing I’ve done lately. One big thing is computer upgrades. First, I replaced my GTX 670 FTW edition ( with a SSC 2.0 GTX 970 ( The 670 worked very well overclocked …

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Oct 29

What’s New: October 2015 Gaming News And Busy Life Stuff

Like many of you, my schedule keeps me busy doing things other than playing games. Or even writing about them. The single biggest hit on my gaming time is work. On the positive side, I do get some quieter times when I can think about games and get ideas to write about. The negative, of …

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Oct 10

The Joys Of The Free Upgrade To Windows 10

I just upgraded my main gaming computer from Windows 7 to 10, at the end of September 2015. I upgraded my secondary system, also from Windows 7, at the end of July 2015. During August, I made an attempt to apply the upgrade on my laptop, but after it failed three times, I decided to …

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Aug 03

GTA V Online: News And Thoughts At Rank 120

I’ve surpassed the Rank 120 milestone, and unlocked the last rank-restricted weapon:  The Minigun.  I’d used it before, because you can get it in certain jobs and missions, plus the random special prize boxes that drop.  It is a very powerful weapon, but uses too much ammo to make it economical to use instead of …

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Jul 08

Battlefield: Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Play And RIP Battlefield Hardline PC

  Battlefield Hardline on PC Isn’t dead yet, but there are not a lot of players or servers active in it.  Part of this seems to be other competing game choices, including the many improvements made to Battlefield 4, which is quite healthy on PC.  The 1st DLC is out for Premium players, but that …

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