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Category Archive: GTA V

Jan 24

GTA Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack: Rip Off! Can You Do Better?

    I have two words for the new Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack: Rip Off! For about $40, you supposedly get over GTA$ 10 million of stuff to get you started playing GTA Online. That sounds like a good idea, and a good value, compared to the classic way to get a head start: …

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Sep 13

How Much Can You Really Making Smuggling In GTA Online?

How Much Can You Really Making Smuggling In GTA Online?   So you’re thinking about expanding into the Air Freight business, and want to know just how profitable this can be. We have reports that the return on investment for this business is terrible, not worth doing. And on the opposite site, huge paydays when …

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Apr 30

Get Rich, And Die While Trying: Making Money In GTA V Online

I’ve mentioned this one before, but Daily Objectives are about the best way to make easy legit money in GTA Online. The catch? You must play the game every single day to get the big bonuses.   Chaotic’s math is a little off, but it isn’t his fault. It isn’t obvious until you start tracking …

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Mar 20

Humble Jumbo Bundle 6, And Other Quick News   This big bundle includes a bunch of Shadowrun RPG games, the nice SF RTS Grey Goo (by the people who did the Star Wars Empire At War RTS), and an interesting take on a game type which I enjoyed in the 80’s: Trans-Ocean: The Shipping Company   This is a transport company game, …

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Jan 07

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities I’ve been rather focused on Star Wars Battlefront for the last couple months, but it isn’t the only thing I’ve done lately. One big thing is computer upgrades. First, I replaced my GTX 670 FTW edition ( with a SSC 2.0 GTX 970 ( The 670 worked very well overclocked …

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Aug 03

GTA V Online: News And Thoughts At Rank 120

I’ve surpassed the Rank 120 milestone, and unlocked the last rank-restricted weapon:  The Minigun.  I’d used it before, because you can get it in certain jobs and missions, plus the random special prize boxes that drop.  It is a very powerful weapon, but uses too much ammo to make it economical to use instead of …

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Jul 12

GTA V Online: Rank 100! Rockstar’s New Ill Gotten Gains DLCs And More

During the Independence Day special (and weekend) I hit the Rank 100 milestone.  A lot was going on at that time, including the Star Wars Battlefront Alpha (awesome!) and Part One of the Ill Gotten Gains DLC for GTA Online.  Rockstar also did an Independence Day Celebration special, with fireworks, events, and special vehicle deals. …

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Jun 29

GTA Online: Excellent Gameplay And Ranking Up, Rampant PC Hacks

I hit Rank 95 this weekend and am on track to reach the major milestone of Rank 100.  In many ways, Rank 100 is the level where you have finally “made it” in the game.   There are a lot of Rank 100 rewards unlocked, and nothing nearly as impressive comes along after that.  You …

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Jun 16

GTA V Online: Starting Out

Starting out in GTA Online, you should do the introduction missions. You get money, it helps you get acquainted with the game, and you’ll advance in rank safely. During this, you will get a chance to get your first Personal Vehicle. You get your pick of any car or bike you can steal off the …

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Jun 16

GTA V Online: Legit Play Vs. Boosting, Glitching, And Cheating

Boosting, Glitching, And Cheating Finding ways to do things in the games like GTA which go far beyond the design intent is, in a sense, just another part of what makes playing games enjoyable. In single player games, the use of CHEAT CODES and game mods are built into the game (or easy enough to …

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