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Category Archive: Star Wars Battlefront

Dec 28

Fastest Progression For Star Wars Battlefront 2: Elite Trooper Edition

What Is The Best And Fastest Way To Improve Your Character In Star Wars Battlefront 2?   (Quick note:  The math for some of these things is a little fuzzy.  It is hard to determine the average credits per game, or per hour, as it differs between game modes, and to some degree, between players.  …

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Dec 14

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Is Doomed By The Dark Side

Star Wars Battlefront II is doomed to fall. While EA has taken action to freeze an immediate fall to the Dark Side of loot crates and pay to win, the current game progression system is too random, and at the upper levels far too slow and grind-based, to remain enjoyable for players. Its saving grace …

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Apr 30

Star Wars Battlefront: Disappointing? Do We Expect Too Much?

Star Wars Battlefront: Disappointing? Do We Expect Too Much? Great Expectations! Few games this year generated the kind of fascination and response — and sales — that Star Wars Battlefront created. I could call this “The best of times, the worst of times” — a Tale Of Two Cities, err, Of Two Games, both called …

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Mar 20

Humble Jumbo Bundle 6, And Other Quick News   This big bundle includes a bunch of Shadowrun RPG games, the nice SF RTS Grey Goo (by the people who did the Star Wars Empire At War RTS), and an interesting take on a game type which I enjoyed in the 80’s: Trans-Ocean: The Shipping Company   This is a transport company game, …

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Dec 30

Star Wars Battlefront: Serious Casual Gaming Fun

Serious Casual Gaming Fun That may seem somewhat contradictory, so let’s explain a little bit of what is going on in the world of Star Wars Battlefront (2015). It has been just over a month since the game came out, and we have a lot of pleased players, and some extremely pleased, actively playing the …

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Dec 10

Star Wars Battlefront: Let’s Look At Blasters Again

Another Look At Blasters Let’s go over the weapons again, in the order in which you can access them. All weapons have a best use and play style, so you should match your weapon to your preferred playstyle. Or, especially when using a weapon for a challenge, adapt your playstyle to fit the weapon you …

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Dec 05

Star Wars Battlefront: Great Game, But Are You Angry About What It Is Missing?

Angry Joe has reviewed Star Wars Battlefront, and he is angry at EA for ruining the game. I doubt anyone is surprised at that. It is what he does, dress up in nice costumes and vent rage — often shared by many players — at games. He also points out, multiple times, that Battlefront is …

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Dec 03

Ranking Up And Playing Hard In Star Wars Battlefront

After three weeks of playing Star Wars Battlefront, I’m still pretty far from unlocking everything.  I’ve made Rank 22, which is short of my goal of hitting Rank 25 in order to get the DL-44 Blaster pistol.  It is available to Deluxe purchasers immediately, along with the Ion Torpedo (Rank 4) and Ion Grenade (Rank …

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Dec 02

Star Wars Battlefront: Beautiful Maps — But Do We Get Enough Of Them?

Star Wars Battlefront comes with 9 maps, according to EA. But the map situation is complicated. Not all maps are available for all game modes. There are only four world maps: Tatooine, Suluust, Hoth, Endor. There are also only four BIG maps, used in the big game modes: Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Fighter Squadron. Turning …

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Dec 02

Blasting Away In Star Wars Battlefront: The Weapons

Grab your blaster and get out there!   The weapons in Star Wars Battlefront are not classic guns like Battlefield, for the most part. The only exception so far is the Cycler Rifle, which is a high power (caliber) weapon with classic recoil and bullet drop, and very lethal if you are accurate with it. …

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