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Category Archive: Strategy

Apr 29

Want To Be A Shipping Magnate? TransOcean Shipping Company Lets You Try I missed seeing this game when it came out, or I would have gotten it sooner, It is a simple cargo ship company tycoon game, very much like the classic 1986 Ports Of Call, with lovely 3D graphics and overall a nicer art style. For those interested, Ports Of Call XXL is in development …

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Mar 20

Humble Jumbo Bundle 6, And Other Quick News   This big bundle includes a bunch of Shadowrun RPG games, the nice SF RTS Grey Goo (by the people who did the Star Wars Empire At War RTS), and an interesting take on a game type which I enjoyed in the 80’s: Trans-Ocean: The Shipping Company   This is a transport company game, …

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Jan 07

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities

Upgrading And Other Gaming Activities I’ve been rather focused on Star Wars Battlefront for the last couple months, but it isn’t the only thing I’ve done lately. One big thing is computer upgrades. First, I replaced my GTX 670 FTW edition ( with a SSC 2.0 GTX 970 ( The 670 worked very well overclocked …

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Feb 06

Wargame: Red Dragon — Real Time Tactical Classic Tabletop Warfare

A Take On Modern Combat The list of modern real time tactical combat games (as opposed to classic building Real Time Strategy or first person shooters) is rather short.  The Wargame series by Eugen Systems is a unique standout in this category.  The first game, Wargame: European Escalation, came out in 2012.  That was followed …

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