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Sep 17

Gaming News: September 2016

There is a time to game, and a time to write about gaming.  I love doing both, but don’t always have the time.


The new content for GTA V Online keeps us busy.  The need for in-game money to get the new toys makes doing daily play, for the daily activity bonuses, very useful.  Especially as many can be done with low key play, no harder than just cruising around  Los Santos for fun.  Seriously, there is loads of new content, and the VIP expansion with offices and operations gives the game extended life for player crews.


There are always new bargains to get in the game, every week something new.  Rockstar has definitely done well to keep players happy with the game, even after three years.


BF1 Beta was purely awesome.  Shame it had to end so soon, and that I didn’t get nearly as much playtime as I’d like.  Fortunately, the full game releases October 21 (earlier for for Deluxe/Ultimate preorders and EA Access).


One very short and one short-term announcement, though the latter will still be relevant after.

BF4 expansions are free for all this weekend, until September 19.  It is possible this offer will repeat in the future, who knows with EA, but if you never sprang for Premium on sale before, free is better.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC is coming for Season Pass owners on September 20, 2016.  The trailer gives me chills.  Even better, as a Star Wars fan, it is all game play in multiplayer, and you can actually play out the attack on the Death Star in epic glory.  Luke vs Darth Vader in starfighters, Chewbacca blasting his way around the Death Star, and that final trench run.  Can’t wait for this.

If you don’t have Season Pass, you can get it October 4.  But my recommendation for this game — and BF1 and similar EA games — is to always buy the full package rather than separate DLCs.  Battlefront is a game for Star Wars fans, and it has a solid following there.  I know a lot of Battlefield players were disappointed with it, but it was never promised or advertised to be Battlefield:  Star Wars, and it definitely isn’t that.  The 2006 Battlefront II had more Battlefield elements to it, but even it wasn’t really like a Battlefield game.  Its third person combat and leader and hero characters made it into its own game.

Speaking of SW Battlefront II, it remains available and cheap on PC.  It would be a very good game for remastering for PS4 and XB1, because the game play remains strong in single player and it has a nice story.  Sadly, I don’t think this will happen, as the new movies and their developers are interested in showcasing the original trilogy and stuff from the new movies.

The last SW Battlefront DLC is likely to be from the new Rogue One Star Wars movie, which should fit into the game well.

It is a little frustrating to have to wait for DLC content for this game.  People who start playing it after the last DLC is out and get the complete edition will have missed out on a year or more of game play, but will find themselves playing a Star Wars game loaded with content (40+ maps is way more than most shooter games ever have) and tons of movie references and experiences to enjoy.

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