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About Me

I am a long time gamer.  I started with the Battlefield series with BF 1942, and played every  PC release since.  With Battlefield 4, I got to play the Alpha, preordered the game based on that (twice, I’ll explain that later), and played the Beta.  Despite the considerable problems which plagued the game on release, I stuck with it.  Even shot through with bugs, it was still a blast to play.

My Gamer Tag came from my cat, who watched me playing games.  When I got COD MW (4), i used his name for my new tag, and stuck with it ever since.  I have a hot and cold relationship with Call Of Duty — it is a great game, excellent for the quick adrenaline rush of fast paced killing, but hard to get excited about a “totally new” release every year.

Battlefield 4 is my primary and favorite game, but I do play a wide range of other games.  Time permitting, of course.


Workin’ 6 to 5
What a way to make a livin’ — Dolly Parton, 1980

Well, the actual song is 9 to 5, but those extra three hours cut into my free time even more.  The job is pleasant, I get generous lunch times and breaks, and there is also long periods of time off.  But there are also longer days on some occasions, and six or even seven day weeks.  In my free time, I like to spend part of it gaming.  That limits doing other gaming related ideas, like putting together videos for Youtube.

The lunch time, that helps.  I take my laptop out and can work on this site, or play games.  It isn’t quite good enough to enjoy Battlefield 4 on (HP AMD APU w dual graphics crossfire), but fine for many other games.

Our home is PC filled.  We have more computers than cats, which gives them plenty of choices for places to sit.  I have a four PC LAN for gaming in my office, a media center PC in the living room, plus our tablets and laptops.  My main PCs use NVidia GPUs in a hand-me-down chain.  I like AMD as well but find it more convenient to have every gaming PC have compatible hardware and drivers for upgrades and swaps.

I’ve worked full time in PC service, but now do it as a sideline.  I still keep up with tech developments.

I’m a military veteran (USAF), but not a combat veteran.  A lot of my Battlefield playing friends also served.  There is something cathartic about the sounds and feel of simulated warfare for some people who’ve seen it for real.  Battlefield is a game about war, but it isn’t a simulation, and even a good simulation isn’t anything like the real thing.

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